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Welcome to the Secret Squirrel reviewers page...and thanks a bunch for coming by.


Here's the dry, but terribly 'portant information:

HOW HUMANS THINK is an 8 track album by the Julie Lamb Outfit. Release date 10.10.2020.

Recorded and mastered at Matrix Digital Studios between October 19 and March 20

​It's Julie here, and I'm currently surrounded by the makings of the CD's. While aware that they are no longer necessary to the music arsenal, we love showing off Debe Mansfield's artwork, our design concepts and our lyrics. (We also manage to use them as business cards and merch. So win/win!)

Because the world has moved on though, and for convenience, this is a streaming page, with a download available. Your CD is ACTUALLY *in the post*.

For your current entertainment, we've added some extra bits to the page so you can poodle around for a bit while listening to the music.

I'm so very, very pleased to be sharing this 5th album with you - it's been a delight to put together from beginning to end - and I hope some of that joy shows through for you.

With thanks for your ears,

Julie (Band Mum)

e:   p: 64 21 490 160   w:

The Music

  1. How Humans Think - the music (Most important I reckon - for music reviews!)

  2. Liner Notes

  3. The illustration and lyric booklet

  4. A video of the finished cd booklet - one of which is winging it's way to you by fast(ish) post.

  5. Hair Power video (Released 14.8.20)

  6. Busy is the New Black video (Unreleased)

  7. Album Cover Art 600 x 600

  8. Some natural love 'n' affection, and a modicum of humour.

The Julie Lamb Outfit came together like any old outfit. You start with which thunderpants to wear, add a colour scheme and style – remain aware of the need to look a bit put together – but not so much so that you go missing a cheeky hint of non-conformity. Cover it all up with a coat and scarf of warm comforting talent and camaraderie - and off you head into the big wide multiverse.

The warm comforting talent on this album is:

Julie Lamb – Band Mum, storyteller, vocals, writer, organiser... legend.

Shan Jordan – Angel voice, brilliant pianist, writer, chocolate maker, cartoon creator, fan of dad jokes. 

Giacomo Caleffi – The drummer, fab ideas, Italianate flourishes. Nemesis of cucumber, lover of pizza.

Chris Fursdon – Brilliant, writer of bass riffs that sit just right. Chord knowledge level 100. We call him Dr.

Kali Barton – Trombone tone wonder, idea generator, wonder ears woman, smiley stage angel.

Amity Alton-Lee – Saxophones, clarinet, generous, kind, awesome soloist, horn line magician.

Eoin Williams – Guitarman, riff master, green faced traveller, Uncle O, Yoin. Magic Tone Man.

Miranda Turner – Warm velvet voice, funny, funky, fabulous. Singing backing vocals. 

Lisa Tagaloa - Loving, caring touchstone. Co-writer vocal harmonies. Keeping Shan in line on tour...

In session:

Phill Adams - Percussion in between engineering  and drums on tracks 1,2 and 5.

Simon Blackwell - Also percussion between engineering.

All songs written by The Julie Lamb Outfit, except 1,4 and 6 penned by Shan Jordan.

All arrangements are by The Julie Lamb Outfit 

Engineering, mastering and production: Matrix Digital - Phill Adams and Simon Blackwell

Original and fabulous artwork: Deb Mansfield. Digital design wondrousness: John McDonald. 

Form, design and printing: Julie Lamb and Aaron Waddington (Supercolour )

So incredible to have worked with this bunch of bad ass collaborators, to watch the ideas and arrangements embroider their way into fruition on this album. 

Thanks as always to Jacqui Southwell, Lockie Stewart, Anu Rintavuori, Claire Symonds & Mac Haira.

Thanks to Eoin, Lisa and Amity for sharing the journey for so long, and to John O’Connor, Andrew Clouston and Miranda Turner for stepping into their breeches.

How Humans Think, an album by us, for you! October 2020

liner Notes


👇 Stream album here

Illustration and lyric Flip cards


Pop ups for the win!

The band that crafts together stays together...



Love 'n' affection

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Cover Art

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