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ALBUM RELEASE 10.10.2020

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Ordinary Days - 2017


Ordinary Days - Liner & Tech Notes

Ordinary Days - Reviews

CorrinneR, muzic.net.nz - March 2017

Julie Lamb (Band) is an 11 piece funky - blues rock band "with a 70's vibe", from Wellington.

From the get go, when I received the email introducing Julie and band I was enchanted, anyone that starts an email with "A swish and flash of unicorn dust" has my attention.

Bleeding Numbers, the first track on the album was released 18 Jan 2017. It has a laid back cruisy vibe with a tendency to stick in your head (my partner described it as "catchy" and I caught him humming the track more than once).

The studio recording of Bleeding Numbers gave me a sense that this is a close group of musicians, that love what they do, and are having fun doing it, but in the same breathe I will say that this is a professionally constructed album, engineered with skill.

Ordinary Days is a slick, smooth collection of beautifully composed lyrics, Julie has a wonderfully melodic voice, which is enhanced by her backing vocalists and band.

I found the whole album enjoyable, the lyrics and composition captivated me.  This is honest and upbeat and Julie's pride and love of music shines through in every song.

The standout track for me, if I were to choose just one, would be number ten on the album, Jean Pierre (The Chocolatier), I don't know why but it made me want to lick a big bar of chocolate, and that made me smile.

Ordinary Days has a nice chilled Kiwi vibe, refreshing and fun. This is highly recommended listening.

When We Hang Out - 2014


When We Hang Out - Press Notes

When We Hang Out is a tight collection of eleven songs, including eight of Julie Lamb’s new originals. An internationally acclaimed stalwart of the Wellington music scene, Julie writes award winning earworm melodies, lyrical twists and ornate arrangements. Whereas her first two albums Most and Least and Trippin’ the Light glide between rock, funk, blues, folk and back again, When We Hang Out is almost entirely rock-centric while staying true to her 70s style vibe.
Don’t be fooled. Beneath the cheerful album title and the catchy, lyrical songs that will stay in your head for days lies a shadow intensified by Julie’s trademark soul-tingling lyrics. From the opening song Clouds Cried Red, the listener feels the tension between Julie’s resonant voice and her haunting words. Even the eponymous When we Hang Out, sung by the acapella choir 10dd, is an ode to friendship that kicks off with ‘You don’t know me like you think you do,’ and taps the youthful wonder of crocodile tears and dragon fire. Yet the album never becomes morose; it’s clever and intelligent, punctuated with humour and light.
When we Hang Out showcases the breadth of Julie’s vocals, always soaring and heartfelt but with punch and attitude that makes you sit up and listen. The defiance of Ever Doubt and I’m Telling You, No is set against the medieval-funk of Inhaling and the rock anthems Drive Me and Attitude Decayed. She finally gives in to her inner punk with Life and A Little Shut Eye.


Add to this the 11 piece Julie Lamb Band that paints the songs with layers and life and you’ll find something new each time you listen. The band is held together by Julie, drummer Andrew Richardson and bassist Callum Hazlitt-Black while guitarist Dave Hadley threads his tenacious riffs through the songs. Andreas Lepper on percussion, Damian Forlong on trombone, Geraint Scott on saxophones and John Macdonald on keyboard colour the final form, woven with inspired instrumental solos. Julie is joined by backing singers Deb Rock-Evans, Emma Davey and Miranda Turner who varnish the vocals with harmonies that range from angelic to downright chilling.

When We Hang Out - Technical Notes

When We Hang Out - Lamb, Julie - Matrix Digital Studios

Wellington NZ - October 2014
Musicians. Andrew Richardson, Drums; Callum Hazlitt-Black, Bass; Dave Hadley, Guitar; Damian Forlong, Trombone; Geraint Scott, Saxophones; John McDonald, Keys; Andreas Lepper, Percussion; Hannah Fraser, Violin; Vocal Musicians; Emma Davey, Deb Rock-Evans, Miranda Turner, Fiona Buchet and 10dd
All songs written by Julie Lamb, Andrew Richardson, Callum Hazlitt-Black and Dave Hadley except: When we Hang Out, Julie Lamb; I'll Never Do It Again, Mahinirangi Maika; A Little Shut Eye, Jon McLeary; I Wanna Go To The Sun, Peter Frampton.

When We Hang Out - Reviews


Tony McDonald, muzic.net.nz - Nov 2014
“I have got to be honest (as always), I didn't want to review this album. Not that I had any predetermined ideas how it would sound, but the fact is I'm good friends with Julie.  Now this isn't an issue apart from I am a very honest reviewer. If it's bad I'll tell you. So here goes.  First of all the CD is just as glorious as the previous two albums were. A lot of thought has gone into the packaging, design and artwork. In the digital age this is very commendable and if you are going to purchase this album, I definitely recommend the CD over the digital counterpart. But what about the music? Well, there's good and bad.  The album was recorded in Wellington's own Matrix Studio by another friend Phil and it's no surprise that the quality of the production and mix is outstanding.  The whole album is packed with energy, passion and the bands love for music shines through from the very first track. The brass, funky bass, rocking drums, awesome guitar riffs and oohh laa laas make for a quality album. Whether you describe this as rock, indie rock or jazz rock doesn't really matter, it's great Kiwi music.  A special track mention for Drive Me with brilliant crazy piano. It is an epic song!! However I'm not a fan of When We Hang Out, lots of clever vocals and harmonies, not that it's not done well. It's just the lack of instruments is not my cup of tea, sorry guys!  A Little Shut Eye and Life are also personal favourites of mine. Life is hard rocky guitar and has a very catchy chorus and should be the single for me.  It was very hard to review this album knowing the time and dedication that went into it, however if you like passionate Kiwi musicians with driven guitars, great vocals and jazzy brass you can't go wrong.  Get your credit card out. Well done guys."

Trippin' the Light - 2012

Trippin' the Light - Lamb, Julie - ​Matrix Digital Studios - Wellington NZ - July 2012
Musicians. Andrew Richardson, Drums; Callum Hazlitt-Black, Bass; Dave Hadley, Guitar; Damian Forlong, Trombone; Geraint Scott, Saxophones; Charley Davenport, Cello; Alan Norman, Keys & Accordion; Andreas Lepper, Percussion; Richard Klein, Violin; Marian Price-Carter, Clarinet; Don Franks, eFlat horn;​​ Jill Brasell, Tuba; Mary Livingstone, Jacqui Nyman, additional guitar. Aisling, Kaea and Foy Kerkin and Lauren Mee, addtional percussion.
Vocal Musicians; Carol Bean, Emma Davey, Deb Sisson, Miranda Turner, Backing Vocals; Tanya Boelema, Fiona Buchet, Janet Galloway, Ann Pacey, Emma Davey, Deb Sisson, Jaymie Morgan, Miranda Turner, Sue Rose, Dawn Elder.

All songs written by Julie Lamb except: Trippin' the Light Fantastic and Tell Me Who I Am, Music by Mike Jamieson; Cold Rainy Nights, by Julian Ward; Love'd Bayou by Mike Nyland; Kill Me With Your Promise, Lyrics by Alan Stuart; Andreas and The Kerkinators by Andreas Lepper​


This album wrote itself ... It was only helped a little bit... and some of the arrangements happened when I was out of the room - THANKS Andrew, Callum and Dave... You rock my world, and are the best Band Mates I could possibly have.

As for Mr Matrix Studios... Phill Adams - you're an awesome dude! I can see many future bourbon and cokes going down... you'll need them before the next project...
​And, Lockie, buddy, thanks for helping me fly!


Trippin' the Light - Liner Notes

Trippin' the Light - Technical Notes

Trippin' the Light - Reviews


Alexandra Carella, Indie Habit Sept 2014

Fair warning: The Julie Lamb Band’s memorable melodies are the kind of tunes that you will find yourself singing all day. But you definitely won’t be complaining about these enjoyable earworms.


Lamb has a soulful voice whose history of Janis Joplin covers shines through on the band’s sophomore album, “Trippin’ the Light Fantastic.” One of the more notable elements of Lamb’s music is the simple, repeated instrumental moments, or leitmotifs, that can be heard throughout these funky yet ethereal tracks. A concept most notably developed by Richard Wagner, the leitmotif is translated from the German “guiding motif.” Lamb’s repetitive guiding motifs offer structure to the otherwise dreamy quality of her songs. Whether intentional or not, the use of leitmotifs is pleasing to the listener who is looking for a balance of fun and cultural relevance.


But Lamb offers more to the careful listener with the unique gifts she leaves in her songs. An amusing choral reference to the folk tune “Shortnin’ Bread” in her track “Waterproof” offers a glimpse at the fun that Lamb seems to value in her creative expression.


The title track, “Trippin’ the Light Fantastic,” lulls the listener with its laid-back, jazzy feel, but offers a delightful surprise when the driving power of the refrain emerges. The Julie Lamb Band has a gift for orchestration and clearly knows the power of each of the instruments in its arsenal.


“Trippin’ the Light Fantastic” has some very memorable songs, but one of the best elements of this album is that each track has its own unique and sometimes very different sound. “Cold Rainy Nights” has an atmospheric quality that gives the listener a glimpse of Irish folk music, while the instrumentation of “Loved Bayou” transports the listener to Louisiana for a taste of Creole and Cajun influences. Not to be missed is “Boo Da Bip,” which spotlights Lamb’s intensely sensual but gentle voice.


If you are searching for upbeat tunes with lyrics that offer deep storytelling, give The Julie Lamb Band’s newest album a listen. You will be left with tracks that will call you back again and again.

Most and Least - 2008

Most and Least - Lamb, Julie - Hanging Garden Studios
Wellington NZ - December 2008

Musicians. Des Mallon, Drums; Elliotte Fuimaono, Bass; Andy Mauafua, Guitar; Damian Forlong, Trombone; Andre Paris, Saxophones; Tim Beals, Cello; Ed Zucollo, Piano; Zach Beard, Keys; Rebecca Greig, Accordion; Alistair Cuthill, Mandolin; Chris Cubis, Harmonica; Lockie Stewart, Saw; Aisling Kerkin & Des Mallon, Percussion; Mike Jamieson, additional guitar; Jim Rush and Ben Litchfield additional Keys.

Vocal Musicians;Emma Davey, Dave Feehan, Nichola King, Fiona Bee, Denise Brennock, Amanda Hanna-Doull, Aisling Kerkin, Lockie Stewart, Mike Nyland, Al Witham, Paul Brown and Pete Baillie.​

​​​All songs written by Julie Lamb except: Remind Me and Bigamy In C, Music by Mike Jamieson; Your Body Stays and You Will Walk, by Jon McLeary; Cry As You Must, Lyrics by Darien Kerkin.​

Most and Least was an album written over many years, and released in 2008. "My mother made me do it" being the catch cry. She unfortunately never got to see the product, but wrote the words on one of the songs ... "Cry as you must". She had written it for me after one of those desperate teenage phone calls in the middle of some dark event. Lordy - the things that make a muse!​​

I love her and miss her every day. This was a tribute to her - and part of each sale goes to Breast Cancer Networks NZ

Most and Least - Liner Notes

Most and Least - Technical Notes

You can listen to me burble for 30 seconds or so about some of these songs here! As told to and played by srrocks.com...
Story about Shrug
Story about Forgive

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