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Kick-Arse Funky Pop:

Lose yourself between the stories and the groove

Charting, award winning musician from Wellington, NZ

The Julie Lamb Outfit is an 8 piece band throwing down kick-arse funky pop originals. You’ll lose yourself somewhere between the stories and the grooves and find yourself in a high energy, smile-a-minute, infectious vibe.

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Let Go 17.07.20

Penned by Shan Jordan - the first single off the blocks for the album is "LET GO"- It may evoke memories of Olaf and Princess Anna - but we assure you - it isn't the same. Shan wrote this about the art of letting go of grudges, fights, regrets and resurrecting friendships from the wreck of these things.

Artwork: The brilliant Debe Mansfield

Music Arrangement: The amazing Julie Lamb Outfit

Andrew and John

It is an absolute honour to welcome John O'Connor - guitarist of undeniable brilliance and Andrew Clouston, a saxophonist of the same calibre, to the band. Adding these fullas to the mix will allow us to play music from winged dragons while shooting gold from our instruments! Actually. You'll need to attend the next gig to see what truth I speak!


"How Humans Think" is the 5th offering from Lamb - this time with a the band The Julie Lamb Outfit. The album is an 8 track featuring 5 songs penned by Lamb, with trademark character, and 3 by keys player Shan Jordan, who offers amazing works. Keep an eye on the tour schedule to be announced soon as! Picture is a cover concept by the brilliant Debe Mansfield.

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What people say about our music

Matt Jensen,

After spending some time with Ordinary Days by Julie Lamb I was thinking to myself that this is music that deserves to be heard live. Why you ask? Well for one thing the music contains a lot of instrumentation. Apparently, the band had twelve members at one point. The other thing that stuck out to me was a lot of the music was funky, upbeat and fun. That being said there is also a 70’s rock vibe. Groups like Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead came to mind. 



Ordinary Days is a slick, smooth collection of beautifully composed lyrics, Julie has a wonderfully melodic voice, which is enhanced by her backing vocalists and band. I found the whole album enjoyable, the lyrics and composition captivated me.  This is honest and upbeat and Julie's pride and love of music shines through in every song.

Bing Turkby

NZ Musician

.“It’s great to hear some funky pop-rock with good old fashioned backing vocals and horn parts too. A class act made all the better by the joi-de-vivre it encapsulates and projects"

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