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All about the latest single - WORKING ON THE LINE.

Hey there! 😁 One Wednesday, full of pizza, cameraderie and burps, Chris started with a slap bass riff. Shan dropped in a cheeky keys riff over the top of it and suddenly we were walking to work past a wolf whistler with attitude. And when we got to work, the boss was a bit “I’m all that” too. The theme of the song is. “Hey! I’m just working/walking here”. This is a song we are promoting for our upcoming tour of NZ. (Virus permitting) Hope you boogie to it with abandon, like we do! 🕺🏻 💃


Don’t rate yourself too high, I’m just walking by, To the place where I
can earn my pay, You’re on my way

Don’t think of you at all, Until I hear your catcalls, Man you’ve got some gall
I’m just on my way to work, You jerk

Ah ah ah ah ah ah Working on the Line x2, Ah ah ah ah ah ah 12 hours until 9 x2

There’s a competition, Not helping my condition, And I make it something
When it’s really nothing more, There is no score

My boss is something, When he’s really nothing, He’s really lonely
And he asks me for a drink, And It’s not what I think

Ah ah ah ah ah ah Working on the Line x2, Ah ah ah ah ah ah 12 hours until 9 x2

"...that ass-kicking brassy funk they're known for, and do so well, is still front and centre... a wonderful mix of thoughtful ballads and irrepressible dance tunes offering wry observations on life." 

CLAIRE SYMONDS Freelance Journalist


''The first thing I noticed was the outstanding amount of work and love which has gone into the packaging of the CD.

...an original compilation of well written lyrics and tight production. A clean cohesive, yet rich sound radiates forth with masses of warmth. This is an album with a touch of sass and a sunny disposition."

CORRINE R Muzic.net.nz


Ordinary Days is a slick, smooth collection of beautifully composed lyrics, Julie has a wonderfully melodic voice, which is enhanced by her backing vocalists and band.

I found the whole album enjoyable, the lyrics and composition captivated me.  This is honest and upbeat and Julie's pride and love of music shines through in every song. Corinner Muzic.net.nz

Ordinary Days is a dense, eclectic album. There is no doubt about that. It's quite epic in scope. I thought the musicianship and production was superb. Highly recommended. Matt Jensen divideandconquer.com

It’s great to hear some funky pop-rock with good old fashioned backing vocals and horn parts too. A class act made all the better by the joi-de-vivre it encapsulates and projects. Bing Turkby, NZ Musician Magazine